Featured How to setup a low-tech planted tank?

You might be facing some difficulty if it’s your first experience of setting up a planted tank. There are many ideas already available on the internet that you can use to setup a planted tank but those ideas aren’t enough useful to help you setup a perfect piece.

The things will become even more confusing for you if you consider taking help from different forums because there you’ll find nothing but the conflicting information. We know that there are few books available on this topic that can help you setup your own planted tank but who has the time to read the massive books just for creating a simple thing.

This is the reason why we decided to put our information together to provide you the best information that’ll help you setup your own aquarium in a quick manner.

The ideas, we’re going to share in this article, are taken from the experts and we’ve put our knowledge and experience together to provide you the best ideas to setup your own planted tank. So, that you may not have to face enough difficulties when setting up a tank.

Let’s take a look at setting up the low-tech planted tank.


It’s important that you use the best substrate for planted tanks so that you may set up your planted tank correctly. There are several kinds of substrates available that you can use for this purpose such as Onyx-sand, Eco-complete, Flourite etc.


In any planted tank, the role of lights is invaluable. It enforces the plants to drive photosynthesis. You must make sure in the case of low-tech tanks that you do not go overboard with the lights.

If you think that adding more lights to the tank will help your plants grow faster and better, then you’re at a mistake. It will be harmful to the plants as it encourages the algae growth.


Planting is extremely critical. You should add the plants in a way that they may cover the whole area. Only 10-15% of the substrate should be visible while the rest of it should be hidden under the plants. It might cost you a few more bucks but it will help you stay secure from many future problems.


Adding a good quality filter with the adequate flow is also essential. And make sure that there is no restriction in the out of the filter. Also, avoid using the activated charcoal as it can affect the number of the nutrients.


Take a week or two to see how your water tank is behaving after being set up. Keep looking if the plants have started growing. And the water parameters should also be in working condition. Add a few fishes to the tank if you find everything is working fine.

Take these easy and simple steps and your low-tech planted tank is ready to display. Click here and learn more about setting up a low tech planted tank.

Featured The best way to keep your food fresh for a long time

Don’t get caught in the past. Are you still living in the stone ages and trying to do anything to keep your food fresh with no results? Aluminum foil is outdated. Plastic baggies had their day and are really only worth investing in to keep your sandwich around until lunch time before you go out to play on the play ground. I won’t stop you from canning food, but that isn’t practical unless you are looking to store large quantities of food that you’ve cooked or cured first. It’s time to step into the modern era.

Start looking for the top wanted vacuum sealers today

When you are ready to move into the modern age of food storage, you need to start looking at vacuum sealers. These devices are quick and easy to learn how to use and once you have one, you will discover just how useful they can be in you kitchen space. You can say good bye to worries about your food spoiling before you have a chance to enjoy it. These devices will preserve your perishables and save you money in the long run. Once you snag one of the top rated vacuum sealers and a good supply of storage bags, you can store and preserve many of the foods you love when you aren’t eating them.


What can you use it for?

These devices are great for all kinds of food, but the real issue is being prepared to use it when you will need it. Let’s say you just came home from the grocery store and there was a sale on large packs of meat. With your vacuum sealer, you can divide your meat and seal it away in packages sized right for your needs. The same can be done with fruits and vegetables as well as pastas and sauces. It is all up to your own preparation and creativity. The vacuum sealer will remove the air from the bag making the space around the food you have sealed in place free from the damaging elements in the air around you.


How do I find the right one for me?

Get on line and do some research, then you can also start looking around at you local stores to see when options there are for your new food preservation obsession. You will find yourself using it all the time, even to save that left over pork chop from last night.