How to improve hospital communication systems


The impact of hospital communication failure will have dire consequences for medical professionals as well as the patients. There is a breakdown in communication behind every medical error from the wrong diagnosis to wrong entry of information. This communication system failures can damage the reputation, mood staff morale and in extreme cases, death.

Some of the major issues with the hospital communication systems include lack of improvement in the hospital communication system, poorly implemented communication process and technology, concern around patient and EHR privacy and security, lack of communication with system and colleagues, a soiled system, medical providers and other parties, lack of timeliness in communication. In this article we will see some of the ways to improve the communication system in hospitals.

Solving fragmented hospital communication problem

One integrated central clinical communication and collaboration platform with other technologies including EHRs and diagnostic systems which should be available in devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops can provide easy to understand ways that can enhance the provider as well as patient communications and treatment.


Solving concerns about EHR and patient data and security

Making sure that all the technology has proper encryption, updates and archives. Robust Clinical communication and collaboration have a standard encryption, allowing the doctors to access safe communication more quickly, easily and safely.

Solving inefficient communication with system and colleagues

A good centralized clinical communication and collaboration platform will automatically route messages and also connect activities to the right people at the right time. It also allows a complete history of communication to help improve the value of the service.

Improving soiled systems, medical providers, and the third party

The clinical communication and collaboration will integrate multiple systems and gather information and present it in a unified way. This will ensure that the doctor gets the latest information about the patients’ condition while considering the patients’ medical history and information provided by the third party.

Solving the lack of timeliness

A continually updated, centralized communication and information on the medical history, diagnosis or the treatment plans of the patient is the one view of the truth. As Clinical communication and collaboration platform integrates all the systems and gathers the data in one place, the doctors can be up to date with the latest report. As soon as the results are entered, the central records system will update with all the required details to ensure real-time health system.

These are some of the major contributors to most communication errors and breakdowns in communication. A good health care communication system strategy is always supported by clinical communication, and collaboration platform deliver improved and updated data to both the doctors and patients which helps improve the patient outcomes, patients safety, satisfaction, care quality and staff morale.