Forging is the most important industrial process that helps in the proper functioning of the machines so that it can be used for performing the desired functions. It is a method of designing and prototyping of the machines so that it can be used for the different manufacturing processes which are needed for producing the parts and prototypes of these machines. The applications of forged components are prevalent in the different industries which is the results of the forging process on the different metals. It is an important manufacturing process that involves pressing, pounding and squeezing of the material under great pressure resulting in high strength parts that are called as forgings. This process is performed under very hot temperature where the metal is preheated to the desired temperature level so that it can be used for different functions.

Benefits of forging method it is a very popular and effective metal forming process in the metal is heated for getting transferred into plastic state with the application of certain level of pressure with the use of power hammer or hand hammer. It is a process that helps in obtaining a predetermined shape of the metal at forging temperature for getting into the desired shape with the use of plastic deformation of metals. The compressive forces applied on the metal are done with the use of a press, hammer and upsetting machine for changing its form and shape. This process involves refining of microstructure of metal and for eliminating the defects like the voids and hair cracks. The fibrous macro structure of the metal is rearranged for conforming to the metal flow that is achieved at a certain temperature and pressure level. Types of forging methods-   -Warm forging  -Cold forging   -Hot forging

forged components

Applications of forged components

The forged components that are the results of the forging process as it is used in different applications in the different industries so that it can offer a host of benefits for its various uses. The different applications include-

Automotive industries- forget components are crucial for the success of the automotive industries due to its reliability, strength and affordability as it is suitable for different automotive industries. These components can work under heavy stress and pressure for use in different gears, connecting rods, shafts hubs and universal joints.

Aerospace- the use of forged components is seen in the aerospace industry due to its structural reliability and strength to weight ratio that makes it the most popular option for this industry. The aerospace forgings play a very important in every space craft. Moreover the range, performance and payload capabilities of the aircrafts are dependent on the properties of these components so that it can have various applications in this industry.

Agricultural industries- the applications of forged components are also prevalent in this industry as well as it helps in offering reliability, economic benefits and maximum strength to the machines used in the agricultural industries. These components are also used in levers, connecting rids, spindles, shafts, gears, engines and cultivator shafts for seamless production process.