If you are an angler, there are many technological advancements and trends which has swept the industry, making it easier for one to locate the fish underwater increases your chances at hooking one. There are many temporary solutions that you can have, and a good portable fish finder is the one which will help you tackle the situation regularly if you are unsure about the best portable fish finder in 2020.

Garmin Striker 4GPS Fish Finder

Garmin striker is one of the most popular choices as it is a compact unit with many features. This fish finder has a CHIRP sonar which is also affordable. The unit has a technical capacity which has all the maps functions with a 3.5 screen with a good pixel resolution in full colours. The CHIRP dual sonar frequency can handle water depth of up to 1660 feet in fresh water and 750 in saltwater. The unit performs well and has high precision internal GPS which can have conical beams pointing on the wider surface, which was detecting fish underwater.


Lowrance 000-12635-001 Hook-3x Sensor Fish Finder

Lowrance is one of the most affordable units, which was a small and simple in the functionality and navigation options. It operates using DownScan radar which has a depth capability of the up to 300 foot which operates with the 455/800 kHz. It utilises the fan which can have a conical shaped beaming with the side to side scanning. This is especially ideal for deep waters and saltwater fishing. It also incorporates the idea of the temperature sensor which you can get a read on to help you deliver a clear picture of underwater. There are still a few drawbacks to this unit as it lacks 2D sonar. Also, there are no maps, routes or built-in GPS, which can make it hard to keep track of the location, which increases the possibility of losing a fish pocket.


Hawkeye Fishtrax 1X Fish Finder

Hawkeye is another accessible and affordable choice which features HD colours and virtual view display screen. It is a tool for angling enthusiasts who can read and target the fishes needed. It is super easy to use, and has many different functions. The device generally placed on the boat is small handheld and portable, which is surprisingly fast and provide accurate results. There are also different season modes to the tool and can make it easier for the angler to learn about the depth. The screen can be adjusted with 100 levels of sensitivity and operates on the sensitivity to help one choose and operate the frequencies. This is a tool which is lightweight, portable, and easy to connect and carry, which is cost-effective.

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Last Modified: July 14, 2020