“We use just 10% of our brain” – And then what else!

… I do not know about you, but I use 100%. J Actually, I’m pretty confident that you are using 100% of your brain yourself too.

It is a powerful myth that has been incrusted for a century already. Fantastic idea, to those who want it, there is still 90% of our brain to explore. With a tenfold psychic power, imagine what you could achieve. Has not the power of thought and ideas already profoundly changed the world? Imagine the power of a brain that knows how to use the remaining 90% unused. He could do telepathy, move objects by his thought alone, predict the future. Imagine your power … and buy my book and my method. $$$

What next! Charlatanism which is covered with the virtue of ancient knowledge, lost and secret. What a powerful lie! So much the worse for paranormal lovers and followers of a quest for an increased spiritual power!

Nuclear magnetic resonance of the author’s brain. It reassured me!
We already use 100% of our brain. Attention, I do not mean that we can not improve our intellectual abilities; But we can not improve these abilities by exploring the unused 90% of our psychic abilities. In fact, regular reading, exchange of ideas with friends, good hours of study or work of a subject using learning methods known to professors and students are still the best means of Improve our intellectual abilities. There is no secret, old or lost, effort and intellectual work develop the intellect. Imagine being muscular without ever having exerted steady muscular effort, at work or sport. It’s the same thing for the brain.

This myth of the 10% use suggests that our functions are located in one tenth of our nervous system and the rest is more or less useless. It’s hard to swallow as a snake. Medical expertise proves the opposite. For example, people who have undergone brain trauma or stroke (stroke) have frequently suffered significant damage. No matter where in the brain the incident occurred. Because each area of ​​the brain serves a task that is related to other areas that serve other distinct tasks. Has anyone ever heard a doctor say to his patient: “Luckily for you, the bullet went into your skull, but it damaged only the unused 90% of your brain”?

Functional studies using brain imaging techniques, such as positron emission tomography (PET Scans) or functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), show that all brain areas are active. Of course, certain zones are activated during certain tasks while others are not activated and vice versa. But overall, just about every area of ​​the nervous system is used at a time when another in the day. Just as one uses certain muscles to smile and others to pedal … if one is more or less well constituted.

In terms of the evolution of the human species, the myth of the 10% does not stick either. Why would we have an organ that is used at 10%? Why make and invest so much effort and energy to develop an organ that would only be used at 10%? Are we using only one of our ten fingers? Great apes and humans evolved from arboricultural monkeys with a long tail. This one had no function, it has strongly atrophied in a small coccyx almost imperceptible. So if we use only 10% of our brain, why did it not atrophy? We would avoid waste and we would be more economical of our personal resources.

But in fact, where does this myth come from? The origins of this myth are not clear. Some recalled it at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1998, New Scientist magazine suggested various origins including Albert Einstein and Dale Carnegie (“Brain Drain”). It is likely that there are several sources that would mainly involve misunderstandings or misinterpretations of valid scientific results.

Without making a witch hunt to find the first culprit, let’s look at what the scientific results are. At the end of 19 th century, at the macroscopic level, it was discovered that the reasoning, planning movements and emotional control are performed by the frontal lobe areas (the case of Pineas Gage is fascinating and the real thing). But this is equivalent to about 10% of our nervous system and has been regarded by many as the seat of higher thought. It’s a little short cut to say that the rest of the nervous system contains the unused potential that only waits for our good will to show all its mighty. As we have seen medical data are against this idea.

The most serious candidates for scientific results misinterpreted (well, rather badly retransmitted in the population) would be those of Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852-1934). This Spanish scientist is one of the founders of neurosciences. Many of his conclusions and hypotheses are the basis of modern neuroscience. On the basis of improved histological techniques, he described the neuron as the basic functional unit of the nervous system and hypothesized a mode of chemical communication between neurons (it will be proved for a quarter of a century later). Cajal was an artist of microscopic anatomy. He drew formidable representations of the nervous tissue showing the existence of several types of cells in the nervous system.

You think you are only using 10% of your psychic abilities and are looking for the remaining 90%. Wasted effort!

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