A few years ago, I discovered that I had pre-diabetes after a regular blood test. For me, the daily insulin injections and the health issues that are a side effect of diabetes were no meager concepts. I had been giving insulin shots to my mother and had also been taking her to the doctor for several years and I did not want to tread the same path. So I started following a regimen for preventing type 2 diabetes. I lost about 10% of my body weight and started regular exercise and walks. I also started paying attention to my caloric intake and my diet. I also monitored my blood sugar for keeping my levels of blood glucose within a normal range. I started taking metformin that targets the insulin resistance of the body. I also go for a hemoglobin A1C test on a regular basis to monitor my levels. So far, I have managed to avert full-fledged diabetes and its treacherous consequences.

I am well aware of the fact that I am one of those 79 million Americans above 20 years of age who have been diagnosed to be suffering from prediabetes. Insulin is one of the most significant problems behind developing diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas and moves glucose from the bloodstream actually the fat cells, muscle and liver. Blood glucose levels tend to climb without insulin resulting in starving cells and tissue damage. As a prediabetic, the steps that I took for preventing diabetes worked for me and I would like to discuss them in details.

As per the concept that I have regarding diabetes, having refined carbs and sugary foods can always increase your chances of suffering from diabetes.  The human body breaks down these foods rapidly into small sugar molecules at a very rapid pace and these get absorbed into the bloodstream. The result of this is a rise in blood sugar stimulating the pancreas towards producing insulin. As I was a prediabetic, the cells of my body were resistant to the action of insulin and therefore there was high sugar in my blood. However, for compensating this, the pancreas makes more insulin with the attempt to bring blood down blood sugar to a level that is considered healthy.

Working out on a regular basis can also help in preventing diabetes and it really worked in my case. Exercise helps in increasing insulin sensitivity of the cells. So, when you are into exercising, less insulin is needed for keeping the levels of blood sugar under control. There are different types of activities that can help in reducing blood sugar and insulin resistance on prediabetic, obese and overweight adults. I resorted to high-intensity interval training, strength training and aerobic exercise in order to prevent diabetes. These exercises worked wonders for me as I have managed to lower my risks of developing diabetes. I have always worked hard towards keeping my body fit and healthy to an extent that it does not contract any diseases and I will continue my efforts in this direction.